our mission

Our Mission

The Umbrella Foundation believes that “eradicating hunger is not charitable but imperative for any society that is founded on respect for human rights” -Cyril Ramaphosa. The Umbrella Foundation prides itself through restoring the South African populations sense of self dignity not only through flattening the hunger curve but also through helping other Non profit organizations and Non Government organizations help themselves.

The Umbrella Foundation was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic and will be sustainable thereafter. The Covid-19 pandemic has made society re-evaluate top priorities, one of these priorities would be flattening the hunger curve within South Africa. The Umbrella foundation does not only allow for the eradicating of hunger but to also restore dignity to the population of South Africa this is done through the Umbrella Foundation supporting and encouraging NGOs and NPOs throughout the nation with a dynamic young team to make a longer lasting national impression.

The Umbrella Foundation

An umbrella for every season